About Us

CTP was established to service wide requirements for varies industrial specification and requirements. We do served industries such as petroleum & gas, industrial manufacturing and construction industries as well. In these industrial projects, even minor mistake of worker would bring terrible issues, therefore only experienced and quality manufacturer are normally preferred to avoid incident during the work. Hence CTP are always the first choice for our clients.

Our Products
Technical Characteristic

Our main products

• Metal Perforation
• Perforated Metal
• Perforated Steel
• Perforated SS304
• Perforated SS316
• Perforated Stainless Steel
Technical Characteristic

• Formula for calculation of the weight of a perforated sheet
• Perforation Formula
• Round Holes
CTP upholds QUALITY as a priority hence "Engineered to Perfection", is our motto. We take pride in our deliveries and services to customers.